Katarina Build Guide

October 6, 2013

Katarina is without a doubt one of my all time favorite champions to play in League of Legends, and has been for years. She is lethal, fast, and yet fragile. She can target and take down multiple targets very quickly, and is nearly unstoppable when fed. Building Katarina is no small task, and there are many ways to successfully do so. Like most champions, you should make game time decisions with your build, adapting to the circumstances at hand.

Katarina is typically played in the solo middle lane. She tends to start relatively slow , but quickly can become very powerful (similar to Akali). By the nature of being a melee champion, she has a hard time early on against ranged mages, and often times has to deal with a lot of harassment and spamming. Once her Q gets up a couple of levels though, this tends to slow down. And once she has her ultimate, only summoners with a death wish would be willing to get close to her without a healthy dose of Crowd Control ready and waiting to stop it.

A typical Katarina build will have a primary focus on Ability Power. Her abilities all stack very well with AP. They also stack with attack damage though, so it is worth buying at least some of both. It is also worth getting some on hit effects because her jump puts you in excellent position to take advantage of them. You can build her in somewhat of a hybrid fashion and be very effective.

Some of my favorite items to use on Kat are the Hextech Gunblade, Rylai’s Crystal Scepter (the slow helps keep enemies in your ultimate for longer), Lich Bane, and of course Rabadon’s Deathcap. On top of these, there are plenty of other items that can be devastatingly effective when used on Katarina. Just get plenty of ability power and attack damage and you will do an insane amount of damage. Get some defense if necessary, depending on the situation.

As for boots, get Sorcerer’s Boots unless the situation really demands something else.

If you want to be really risky, you can do what I suggested in my Akali build guide (link above) and do a snowball build. Build a Majai’s Soulstealer and a Sword of the Occult right away. If you get early kills and can get close to full stacks on both items, you will be unstoppable in the middle to late portions of the game. Un. Stoppable.

Regardless of how you build her, Katarina is a very fun champion to build and play. Here is a great example video of a Katarina build I think is worth checking out:

Good luck playing Kat!

Akali Build Guide

October 5, 2013

Akali is one of the most interesting characters in League of Legends. She is incredibly powerful, incredibly diverse, and incredibly mobile. However, she is slow to start, relatively squishy, and is useless if she’s shut down early. Building Akali is a fun and exciting process, and one that relies in great deal on adapting to the specifics of the game you are in. There are many effective Akali build guides out there, including this one.

Akali can be played in several different ways. One of the most common ways is to play her in the middle lane solo. While not the traditional ranged AP champion that plays the solo middle lane (such as Anivia), she can be devastatingly effective towards the end of the laning phase when played mid. She starts slow, and will have a hard time doing much damage against her opponent early on. However, once she hits level six she will be able to beat pretty much any enemy that she will be faced with as long as she doesn’t feed beforehand.

She can also be played solo-top. She is much more “traditionally” suited to play top than mid. However, she will have a tough time against some bruisers because she has a comparatively low ability to take damage. She will be able to deal damage heavily and move quickly once she hits level six, but even then she won’t be able to outlast a solid bruiser. But with a decent matchup, Akali can be devastating in the top lane.

Regardless of where you play her, Akali is normally built by buying a hybrid set of items. She is designed to be most effective when she has a mix of ability power, attack damage, and other stats. On hit effects work very well with her as well. While your primary focus will likely be on building ability power (which stacks best with her abilities), don’t forget to buy plenty of everything else as well.

Some of my favorite items to build Akali with are Lich Bane, Hextech Gunblade, Rabadon’s Deathcap, and Rylai’s Crystal Scepter. Defensive items like the Abyssmal Scepter and Warmog’s Armor are great in games that require more beefiness. As far as boots go, pretty much any of the standard boots will work with her, use whichever feel right for your situation.

Another thing I like to do when playing Akali is to do a snowball build. Buy both a Majai’s Soulstealer and a Sword of the Occult as soon as you can. This is a significant gamble, as without stacks these items are virtually useless. However, if you get early kills this build makes you literally unbeatable. Remember that it is a very risky build, but if you can pull it off you will dominate like you’ve never been able to before.

There are lots of effective ways to build Akali. Hopefully I’ve given you some food for thought, and you’ll be able to do well with her in the near future. Here is an excellent video example of playing her:

Good luck with Akali summoner!

The Most Popular League of Legends Champions

October 5, 2013

There has been a lot of action among the League of Legends Champions this year. While many new Champions have made their way into the top ten lists, certain Champions have appeared time and time again. With the year quickly drawing to an end, let’s take a look at some of the most popular Champions throughout 2013 thus far.


Regularly one of the most played Champions and one of the most popular League of Legends ADCs, Caitlyn is regularly atop the rankings as one of the most popular League of Legends Champions. However, despite being featured in over 800,000 matches, Caitlyn has yet to manage a positive win/loss ratio. Currently, she is trailing by nearly 5,000 matches.


Currently one of the most popular League of Legends Champions in 2013, Ezreal has been leading the pack since early January. Since then, he has adorned the top ten list every month this year. Despite the fact that he has been the target of constant nerf bat attacks, Ezreal’s ability to build around nearly every role makes him extremely versatile and powerful with numerous item builds. Thanks to the Pulsefire skin bug, he may be a current source of frustration, but he remains an extremely popular Champion.


Currently one of the most popular Champions of 2013, Taric continues to dominate the rankings. Many players despise Taric for his ability to crowd-control, support, and tank, but every League of Legends player knows his name, and the ones who have been the victim of a pub-stomp fear him.

Lee Sin

Lee Sin is one of the only League Of Legends Champions to appear on every top played list in 2013. However, his ranking seems to ebb and flow from the top to the bottom of each list. There is no real explanation for this, but his rank seems to bounce around from month to month faster than his devastating Reasoning Strike. He may be despised by many greedy players for his ability to steal kills, but Lee Sin is widely considered as one of the most challenging Junglers to play. Thanks to this, time will tell if he’ll remain one of the most popular Champions in the coming months.

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune has held a spot in the middle of the ranks since the beginning of 2013. As one of the few Champions to earn a featured spot every month this year, her end-game damage and crazy laning ability have continued to make her one of the most popular Champions. Although she lacks the ability to perform any serious escapes and close gaps, Miss Fortune has been surprising many by regularly appearing as a Jungler recently.


Lux started out the year slow, but she has emerged as one of the most popular Champions in competitive gaming. Smart players who are aware of her deadly skill set regularly target her, but her support, crowd-control, and insane damage makes her an overpowered foe that should be targeted with caution. In reality, Lux is one of the most powerful League of Legends Champions, but she can only be truly appreciated by highly skilled players.

With the most played lists in constant flux, no one can say for sure who will remain popular from one month to the next. These may be the most popular players today, but we will have to wait and see what the future holds.

Darius Build Guide

October 3, 2013

Darius is a fantastic and powerful champion in League of Legends. He is especially strong during the one on one laning phase. Considered a relatively easy champion to learn and play, Darius is a fantastic choice for summoners of all experience levels. Building Darius isn’t overly complicated, and there are many different options you can go with when doing so.

Darius is best known for playing in the top lane solo. He is extremely effective when doing so, and nearly impossible to counter. If you are a good Darius player, you should expect to win the vast majority of your early lane matchups with ease. Assuming you don’t get ganked early or fail to convert on a tower dive, you can build him up extremely quickly and effectively.

However, the downside to playing Darius is that he isn’t an extremely effective team fighter. His abilities play more to individual fights. He can do considerable damage to a single target in a team fight though, which means that if you are careful about who you target he can be a difference maker even without the AOE or CC other champions have.

To build Darius, you are going to buy many items typically used by other bruiser champions. There is a HUGE amount of variation to what people build him with. In general, you are going to want to stack attack damage and other basic attack amplifiers with A LOT of defensive items. With a champion like Darius, his real ability to do damage comes from ability to take the punches dealt from the enemy. Items like Warmog’s Armor, Guardian Angel, Sunfire Cape, and Randiun’s Omen are great examples.

Be sure to of course get some damage as well with items like the Black Cleaver or an Infinity Edge if you can afford it. Get some attack speed, armor pen, or critical chance if you can. However, your priority is most often going to be on defense. After all, they’re called bruisers for a reason.

In all, Darius a fun and easy champion to build and play. He is extremely effective in the top lane solo, and can dominate games when played well. Here is a video with a great example of an effective Darius build:

Good luck building Darius!

Is League of Legends Fun?

October 3, 2013

League of Legends is a battle-arena multiplayer game that was created for Riot Games. It is a completely free game, and it supported by the use of in-game purchases that count as bonus or special content. League of Legends is divided into two teams of five champions. Each player gets their own position and has to defeat the Nexus alongside the other teammates.

Why Is It Free?

Free is part of what makes it awesome. League of Legends is an exciting game with a lot to offer game players and those who love gaming. It’s one of the best free games around, and it plans to hold on to that title as long as possible by offering free gameplay. Microtransactions in the game keep it supported. These transactions include buying little in-game items or weapons that can boost your power and strength.

What Makes It So Great?

Tournaments are part of what makes the game such a joy to play. Tournaments involve many other players that create a massive-online atmosphere for gaming. You can get your friends and other teammates involved too.

Critical acclaim is also on their side. It’s part of what makes League of Legends a winner. It has been awarded and eight out of 10 by IGN. This is a huge honor for a free and online game.

Your friends can join your team too, and that’s a large part of what makes the game so fun and appealing. Having friends to participate in your gaming experience changes it for the better. There’s so much more you can do when you develop a strong team to help you win tournaments and battles against enemies.

The Honor System is also a part of this game, and it’s part of what makes it so great. It gives players points and credit for acting honorably in the game. There are awards for being friendly, helpful, offering teamwork and being an honorable opponent. Honorable opponent is code for being good at losing or helpful during battle. This system creates a friendly and enjoyable gaming experience for everyone, and it’s quite the way to win new friends in the game.

It’s easier than you think too. Leveling up in traditional games takes forever. You don’t get to do a lot of the fun stuff until later, and that can take hours of gameplay. In League of Legends, you level up to the max in one arena bout.


League of Legends is an excellent game for all gamers who enjoy online gameplay. There’s a lot of stuff to do in the game, and there’s tons of opportunity to make friends and enjoy your tournaments with others. The opportunities for gameplay are endlessly fun and enjoyable. You will have an absolute blast playing League of Legends. If you doubt it, then you should try it for yourself to see just how great it is. Here is a Youtube video of somebody really having fun playing it:

Can You Play League of Legends Offline?

October 2, 2013

In the 4 years since League of Legends was released in 2009, one of the most common questions that we get asked over and over again is whether or not you can play League of Legends offline – and the short answer is always no. Put simply, the developers of the game (Riot Games) have decided that to play their game you need to be connected to the internet, even if you are only playing against AI controlled characters.

Of course, the next question that is almost universally asked is why Riot will only allow people to play online. The reasoning is debatable, but chances are that they want to keep people in their ecosystem because of the fact that their only real business model is selling new champions and the cosmetic items that go along with them.

If Riot were to allow people to simply play offline on a LAN or something of that nature, it could impact their profits negatively. The idea is that if you were able to play it offline, you would eliminate the always-on piracy protection that LoL runs, and be able to use any hero with any costume that you wanted to use without paying for it, ruining Riot’s business model since the game is after all, free to download.

That isn’t to say there aren’t one or two exceptions to this rule though. There are a very select group of people that are allowed to play League of Legends without being connected to the internet, but only at very specific times. When Riot Games holds League of Legends tournaments, they use special offline LAN clients that have all of the heroes and cosmetic items already unlocked so that any competitor can sit down at the computer and begin to play the game. No one outside of this tournament setting has managed to get their hands on, or for that matter even see one of these special clients, but this is the only way to play it without an active internet connection – so it is theoretically possible.

While some people might still be holding out hope for an online option for League of Legends sometime in the future, don’t hold your breath. Just last year, when the LAN client was first introduced and added into the championship circuit for LoL, there were a number of different media outlets that asked a number of different people who worked at Riot Games about the possibility of bringing this offline mode to the public, but everyone quickly and roundly denied the possibility of it ever happening, stating rather bluntly that “there are no plans to develop a LAN mode for offline play at home”.

So, to put it quite simply so there is no doubt at all – no, you cannot play League of Legends offline or with a spotty internet connection, and it is extremely unlikely that will change anytime in the near future.

Ezreal Build Guide

October 1, 2013

Ezreal is one of my personal all time favorite champions to play in League of Legends. Ezreal is fun, risky, and potentially extremely powerful. I’ve played games with him in which I’ve gone 20 and 0, and I’ve had games in which I’ve gone 0 and 20. He is very squishy, and a very non-traditional ADC. He can even be played AP if you want to make things really interesting.

Ezreal is unique in that all four of his abilities are skill shots. His Q is his primary ability, firing a straight bolt at long range that does physical damage to the first enemy it hits. His W hurts only champions, does magic damage, and travels through units. His E teleports him a short distance (similar to flash) and fires a bolt of magic damage at the nearest enemy upon teleporting. His ultimate is an infinite range skill shot somewhat similar to Ashe’s. However, it does doesn’t have any CC effects, and can travel through units, decreasing in damage the more enemies it hurts.

Ez is most commonly played as an AD Carry. However, he is a very non-traditional ADC in the sense that his primary source of damage usually isn’t his basic attack. In fact, it is his abilities. He is still built primarily to stack attack damage (and on hit effects), but he will deal most of his damage using his primary ability. His Q fires a bolt of energy that deals damage based on his AD, and applies on hit effects. It is one of the longest range, quickest refreshing skills in the game, and is extremely effective when you build him specifically to maximize it. His ability to move quickly with his jump also aids in both chasing and running away from enemies. And if he gets an enemy low enough, his ultimate can finish the job from long range.

If your Ezreal build is going to be AD (which it will be most of the time), there are many different routes you can take. What I’ve found to be the most effective is to rush build a Sheen. The on hit effect of this item gives you a considerable damage boost on your Q, and works well with Ezreal’s other abilities as well. Get some mobility, and then start building attack damage. Don’t worry about building any attack speed, Ezreal doesn’t need it to do considerable damage. His biggest strength, unlike most ADC’s, is that he does considerable burst damage.

If you want to change things up a little bit, you can play him AP instead of AD. In this instance, his two primary abilities early on will be his W and E, which stack well with AP and can hit really hard. However, know that they suck mana very quickly if you aren’t careful conserve it. Building AP also allows you to build up Ezreal’s ultimate to its full potential. If you do build AP, prioritize getting a Lich Bane, as this will allow you to do a considerable amount of physical damage both with your Q and with your basic attack after you use an ability.

Ezreal is a fun champion to play in League of Legends, one of my all time favorites for sure. Here is an excellent video with a more in depth build for him.

Good luck playing Ez!

Can You Play League of Legends on a Mac?

October 1, 2013
League of Legends can be played on a Mac in a few easy steps. The first thing you need to do is go to the website and download the game. The first option that you will see if you own a Mac will of course be to download to a Mac. When you first do the initial download you will see the amount of kilobytes per second being downloaded. This initial download is 47 megabytes, and can take a few minutes depending on how many applications are running at the same time. The next thing you will need to do is click on the down load this will bring up your applications folder and the legends icon, simply drag the L icon into your applications folder. This will take a few seconds before asking if you want to download the game. After clicking yes you will bring up the end user agreement, after once again clicking yes you will begin downloading the game. There is quite a bit of data to load, over 2 gigabytes, this can take 3 to 4 hours to load. After it loads you will sign another end of user agreement before playing.When you click on the L icon anytime in the future it will take far less time to load. Once the game is pulled up you will be asked to create a username and password. Once you have picked a user name and password you will need to register. You will once again put in your username and password then confirm your password. Next you will put in the year, month, and date of birth. You will copy the code to prove you are human in the box provided. You will agree to the terms of use and also be asked if you want to receive the newsletter. You will also be asked which region you will be playing in, for example North America. After you have done this you will receive an e-mail welcoming you to league of legends. This e-mail will have links to the support forum and the new users guide. This users guide will introduce you to different game modes such as the twisted treelike,howling abyss,and summoners rift. It will also give you instructions on customizing your summoner. The first link are the summoner spells, a list of 13 spells from level 1 to level 12, including such spells as revive, heal, and teleport. The next link is a list of over 289 ruins, a list of the different types, effects, and tiers. The last link is about mastery, as you level up you will unlock mastery points which will in turn help you with other summoning skills.

Ashe Build Guide

September 30, 2013

When you are new to playing League of Legends, Ashe will likely be one of the first champions you play with. She is an excellent ranged champion who is relatively easy to play, build, and learn, and can be very deadly when played right.

Ashe has some very powerful and helpful abilities. Her passive allows her to constantly build up an increased critical strike chance when she isn’t attacking. This means that she will likely get a critical strike the first time she attacks after walking around for a while. Use this to your advantage. One of Ashe’s main strengths is her ability to slow the opposing champion with every strike. This is very handy for chasing down enemies and for team fights. She also has an AOE cone ability that does considerable damage and slows everyone it hits. She also has an ability that grants her additional gold every time she kills a unit. When this ability is activated, she casts out a scout that illuminates an area. Ashe’s ultimate is an infinitely ranged skill shot that does a high amount of damage on impact, as well as stunning the enemy champion it hits and slowing all others in the area. This ability is incredibly useful for initiating team fights when a straggler can be hit with the arrow easily.

Ashe will normally play in the bot lane in conjunction with a support character. Ashe’s role in the game is to be an AD Carry (ADC), which means that she won’t build much (if any) defense, instead focusing on building attack speed, attack damage, and critical strikes. Building Ashe isn’t particularly difficult (in fact, she’s one of the easiest champions in the game to build). Start out by building your boots pretty quickly, and then simply stacking up items that help you boost your regular attack. Don’t buy any ability power or mana, you won’t have need for either. Only buy defensive items if there is a specific threat you need to counter (such as Karthus’s ultimate or a team stacked with nothing but AD champions). Ashe relies on her team to take the brunt of the damage, allowing her to rain down arrows from afar.

Some of my favorite items to build Ashe with are:

  • Infinity Edge: Gives you plenty of AD and makes your critical strikes hit harder. Works well with passive.
  • Berserker’s Greaves: Addequate movement speed and a small boost in attack speed for cheap.
  • Blood Thirster: Great AD and some life steal to keep you alive in long team fights.
  • Phantom Dancer: Additional movement speed, stacks extremely well with Infinity Edge.
  • Black Cleaver: Helps deal with opponents with lots of armor.

Beyond those you have plenty of options to build Ashe with. Like with any champion, it is more important to be able to adapt to the individual game situation you are in than to have a specific build order to go by. As the game progresses, you’ll be able to feel out what you need and what you don’t.

For some additional help with building Ashe, here is an excellent video I found on the subject!

Good luck playing and building Ashe, The Crystal Maiden!

Anivia Build Guide

September 29, 2013

Anivia is one of the most fun characters to play in the game of League of Legends. She is a strong AP carry type champion that typically will solo the middle lane against another AP carry.

Anivia is often times considered a “glass cannon”. However, the re-birthing ability of her passive gives her a significant strategic defensive advantage. She is most effectively played when she has some added health, allowing her take a reasonable amount of damage and sustain her ultimate. An early Rod of Ages is a great way to do this. She also of course needs plenty of mana to sustain all of her abilities. In fact, Anivia can be one of the biggest mana drainers in the game if you like to spam her abilities.

But the main thing Anivia needs is plenty of ability power. Without it, she is literally useless. After you’ve built up enough health and mana, buy virtually nothing but ability power. Anivia is incredibly powerful, and can literally win a teamfight virtually by herself when maxed out on ability power.

Know that Anivia tends to be weaker early on in the laning phase due to her low speed and other beginning stats. However, her egg gives her a massive strategic advantage, and she builds and scales extremely fast.

Personally, I use Anivia’s strengths to their fullest in the early game laning phase. It is more than possible (in fact, some would say it’s easy) to bait your enemy early on into diving in to kill you. And when they do, you’ll be saved by your egg, and you’ll hopefully be able to get a kill. Know that this only really works well when you are playing against people who are either new to the game, or are simply forgetful that Anivia has such a useful passive ability.

My first priority with her is to build a Rod of Ages. Once I have that, I can take her in a lot of different directions. Sorcerer’s boots are a must on her, but after that and Rod of Ages you can literally do whatever you want with her. There is a lot of freedom and flexibility given the fact that she has many different uses depending on the configuration of your team.

If you are looking for a guide on how to build Anivia, you’ve come to the right place. Here is an excellent video on the subject.

Good luck building and playing Anivia, one of my all time favorite League of Legends champions!